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Hybris Marketing on premise integration with hybris eCommerce and SAP CRM

Jan 31 at 07:54 AM


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Hi Experts,

Our client is not using SAP products, but now moving to SAP. The client decides to use hybris commerce for PCM and OMS, SAP CRM for loyalty management and Hybris Marketing for marketing.

We are researching what's information should be integrated between commerce and CRM, between Commerce and Marketing, and between CRM and Marketing. Also we need to research on the approach for data exchange.

Below are our original ideas:

Synchronize customer, product and order data from Commerce to CRM which only contains basic data for loyalty management.

Build API in Commerce to register membership, redeem point and so on, which will call RFC to CRM directly.

Build HANA view for customer and order data in Commerce and map to Marketing models using SLT.

Build HANA view for member data in CRM and map to Marketing models using STL.

Loading client's existing sales data, reviews to Marketing using data service.

Please advice.. Appreciate for all your inputs.


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2 Answers

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Former Member Feb 13 at 09:17 AM


Integrating CRM to Ymkt via SLT works . The interaction contacts are exported to Ymkt by the extraction program .

The challenge is with the interactions .



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Sara Schmidt Feb 06 at 11:29 AM

Hi Merlin,

wow, it is a complicated landscape.

I've now similar request from customer: integration CRM and yMKT On Premise using PI.

You want to integration yMKT On Premise with CRM by using of SLT?

Did it work?

Thank you for your Feedback in advance!



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