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Why do no sample apps appear on Fiori Launchpad Site Module Template

Jan 31 at 02:06 AM


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If you're a hana express 2.0 rev 23 user like me, you know there are some nice templates for webIDE. One of them is the Fiori Launchpad site module. It normally includes sample applications in the home screen and catalog, but since as far as i can remember (6 months) they have been missing from the application when the application is deployed to the 'development' space.

Can the moderators of Hana Express or WebIDE please address this problem? I have also talked to SAP extensively with a ticketed issue and they have not helped at all.

This is the final result after deploying the naked template:

flp-broken.png (41.0 kB)
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Ayman Salem Jan 31 at 03:43 AM

Hi Matt,

see my Answer on your Question

Has anyone tried deploying fiori launchpade site module in HANA XSA recently?

The porblem was in package.json.

just change: "^1.9.1" ---> "1.9.7"

....."dependencies": { "@sap/site-entry": "^1.9.1"},   --->     "dependencies": { "@sap/site-entry": "1.9.7" }, .....

and be sure that ^ is removed



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Ayman, thank you for this fix. It was a similar fix that SAP had given me a while back and sometimes you just hope things work out of the box. But thank you very much. if you're doing Fiori Launchpad Site Module development, and dont mind helping me with adding a custom tile, i would greatly appreciated your help. you can reach me at or message me here on SCN. Thank you!

Ayman Salem Jan 31 at 04:01 AM

and after you made the correction as described in my Answer before and redeploy your app

click on + and pin the desired apps

I hope this will help you


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2.jpg (43.4 kB)
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Thanks for this further explanation. It seemed like nothing worked even after redeploying, but the apps are now available, just not auto-added to the home screen.