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Jun 03, 2008 at 10:07 PM

JavaEE Internet Connection Manager In Safe Mode


Hello world.

I have just run the update patches for my system (Netweaver CE 7) and now after reboot my JavaEE Internet Conenction Manager says "Problems ( Synchronizing Binaries [Safe Mode] )"

I have tried to stop and start the JavaEE Internet Connection manager but same thing.

Below are some logs I found at the following path: E:\usr\sap\SPO\J00\log\sapccmsr.

Not sure if that will help, it appears Im missing a *.DAT file from somewhere.

All help is appreciated!



Logs below:

[Thr 1320]

Tue Jun 03 13:39:41 2008

Initialize CCMS Agent sapccmsr


CCMS version 20060508, 64 bit, multithreaded, Unicode 7100

compiled at Jan 6 2008

systemid 562 (PC with Windows NT)

running on COSP-UV-SAPNW Windows NT 5.2 3790 Service Pack 2 AMD64 Level 6 (Mod 23 Step 8)

patch text patch collection 2007/7, OSS note 1013331 710

profile E:\usr\sap\SPO\SYS\profile\SPO_J00_cosp-uv-sapnw

INFO: cannot open config file E:\usr\sap\SPO\J00\log\sapccmsr\csmconf_sapstartsrv.

INFO: CCMS agent is not registered at central CCMS system.

CCMS info: starting with empty monitoring segment, no upload from file E:\usr\sap\SPO\J00\log\ALMTTREE.DAT

INFO: no central CCMS system configured.

INFO: CCMS Agent initialization finished successfully.