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Jun 03, 2008 at 01:50 PM

Extended notification languages


G'Day folks,

I'm using Extended Notifications in a multi-language environment on NW 7.0 SP11, and it appears to just get horribly confused when more than one language is involved.

We want to send one notification per workitem, containing the workitem text, in the recipient language.

I've set the following (and tried all kinds of combinations):

Job language for SWN_SELSEN: English

Work item language: English from WF-BATCH (or previous user language)

User logon language: French

User communication language: French

HR master record language: French

User "Workitems in logon language" switched on


Extended notification header/footer: English

Workitem text: French

Decision links: French

Work item/UWL links: English

What is even more bizarre is that I've set this all up from scratch on a TestDrive system (SP12) and gotten the opposite results with a German user:

Extended notification header/footer: German

Workitem text: German subject, English body

Decision links: not tested

Work item/UWL links: English

I've spent two days experimenting with various combinaitons of these to get a complete notification all in the same language. The only way is if everything is in another language - i.e. the WI is created by a French user, sent to a French user, SWN_SELSEN runs as a French user. Obviously this is not a solution.

Anyone had to deal with this before?



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