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Size Limit of BIAR files

Jan 30 at 07:15 AM


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We have tried to import the BIAR file of roughly 850 megs in size using the Promotion Management front end tool within the CMC and we get the following error message:
Sorry, Promotion management application is unable to process your request.
The error from the server is: Unable to retrieve Job from the selected file. Please check the file.(PRS 00009)Input/output exception occurred : '/apps/software/busxi42/bo42/sap_bobj/tomcat/temp/LCM_BIAR_download55366097325456043052.lcmbiar (No such file or directory)' (FWM 04013) JobFromFileFailed
2. We have tried to import the BIAR file of roughly 850 megs in size using the LCM command line tool in Unix ( and we receive the following error:
Logged in to Central CMS as: administrator
CLI Action selected: Promote
The selected file is not supported.

I have found two separate SAP notes for our issues above (which I have attached to this email) and I have tried the recommended resolutions, but the import still does not work

Is there any specified size limit for BIAR files ?

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2 Answers

Denis Konovalov
Jan 30 at 01:00 PM

There is no hard limit on BIAR file size.
If BIAR file size is about to exceed certain thresholds - it will be split into several parts by the export process.

As to your issue - how and where was the BIAR (or is it LCMBIAR) generated ?
What product version you're importing it into ?

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Hi ,

Yes it is the LCMBIAR generated in BI 4.1 system.

I am trying to import in 4.2 sp3 version and getting the above error when the size of file is 850 mb .

Once the size is below 512 MB it works fine and gets imported.

Is there any such recommended size limit that it should be below 512 MB ?


How was it generated and what's in it ?
As far as size - 850mb or 512mb - makes no difference for the promotion management. It should work.
You either have a badly generated file or an issue with its content or not enough resources to import it.


It was generated through promotion management and it has large reports.

If it has an issue with content what kind of issue it could be ?

Also when importing similar kind of file with size less that 512 MB it works fine .


then might be a resource thing or it didn't actually generated in source system correctly.


So what should be the troubleshooting steps for resource thing because I have tried generating it many times and it fails everytime while importing .


look at the full stack of the error for additional clues, maybe run a full end to end trace.
Why is the file in the error is in the tomcat temp dir ?

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Former Member Feb 01 at 02:45 PM

Hi Akash,

May I know, where you have stored your LCMbiar file ?
LCM_BIAR_download55366097325456043052.lcmbiar, is it your LCMbiar ?

As per the error it seems that your destination does not support some contents which are present in this job.

I would suggest you to try with same kind of objects in one shot and check which type of objects are failing.


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