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Error "Connection to refused"

Jan 29 at 12:11 PM


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Hi all,

My application is an architecture like this:

For service layer: "Java EE 6 Web Profile" runtime. (Java Application of Cloud)

In my HTML5 Application log, I have this error:

"Could not connect to remote host Reason: Connection to refused"

The error seems random for me, the request from HMTL5 Applications sometimes works, others do not. Server resources usage are all low, cpu at 30%, busy threads just 10 or 12 (maximum is 200), memory OK too.

My HTTP Access Log has no evidences about these refused calls

Somebody had similar problem ? your runtime refuse to accept a servlet request and nothing explain why?

Thank you in advance.

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Former Member

Hi Bruno,

Have you any solution for your error ?

Best Regards

Former Member

Hi Diogo,

Not yet.

Best Regards

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1 Answer

Richard Zhao
Jan 30 at 02:45 AM

Hello, Bruno, I would like to confirm some detail with you. Have you configured an HTTP destination for your app? Have you configured routing to this HTTP destination in the application descriptor file? Where did you run this App? In your local machine or on SCP WEB IDE?

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Former Member

Hi Richard,

Thank you for asking.

Yes for your all answers.

- Destination is HTTP type.

- Configured in neo-app.json file


"routes": [ (...) { "path": "/XXX", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "XX_DESTINATION_NAME_XX", "entryPath": "/XXX" }, "description": "XXXXX" } (...)]

Application run on cloud, using link direct of HTML5 application or using WEB IDE.

Additional information, in destinations I have configured:

Proxy Type: Internet

Authentication: AppToAppSSO

TLSVersion: TLSv1.2

Thank you in advance.