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Jun 03, 2008 at 07:38 AM

How to color cells in dynamic alv ??


I have searched for coloring individual alv cells but I can't find how to implement this with dynamic alv ?

somehow I have to add the table to the fieldcat for the alv since I have no structure defined but I can't find how to add this table to the fieldcats ??

and since I have 2 fieldcats , 1 for the reuse_alv and 1 for creating the dynamic table I'curious on which one to add this field.

I tried with

is_lvc_cat-tech = 'X'.

is_lvc_cat-fieldname = 'TCOLOR'.

is_lvc_cat-ref_field = 'TCOLOR'.

is_lvc_cat-ref_table = 'LVC_T_SCOL'.

is_lvc_cat-scrtext_s = is_lvc_cat-scrtext_m =

is_lvc_cat-scrtext_l = 'kleur'.

APPEND is_lvc_cat TO it_lvc_cat.

but somehow it is not working yet 😔

I get the error 'LVC_T_SCOL' it the type of table without a head

kind regards