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Menu path for V/T7

Jan 29 at 07:26 AM


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Dear SAP experts,

Can you please provide me the menu path for V/T7.

Kindly go through the screen-shot attached.

Thanks in advance.



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Dear Friends & Experts,

I tried " SEARCH_SAP_MENU " but I didn't find any results.

I went for "SDMO" also, it gives T Code with description & with that description I checked in SPRO, but still I didn't get any results.

I used SM30, it is also not able to give required outcome.

Kindly please guide me in this case.

Best Regards,

Radheshyam P.

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shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 06 at 11:52 AM

HI Radheshyam

I have used transaction V/T7 and then --Table view --Print --i got the view details V-TVTK-DL and i have used this in SM30

please select no restriction and then select customized object. but it is giving message that no object exists.

Please find below Message i got. I think there is no spro path for this Transaction.

No object V_TVTK_DL maintenance IMG activity exists

Message no. SV170



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Thanks for responding.

Something like this will be there like where T Code is there, but no path will be there.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Best Regards,

Radheshyam P.


Why not??

The said data is being pulled from table TVTK where you can see these details. Table TVTK is nothing but the configuration for Shipment Types.


Ok. Thanks.

Thats what I needed.

Thank you very much for all your help & guidance.

Best Regards,

Radheshyam P