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Data Binding Path for Work Description in Ticket Summary Form (ALD)

Jan 31 at 08:39 AM


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Hi community,

I cannot find the data binding path for the field Work Description in HTML5 Ticket - Service and Repair and in RUI Ticket - Overview for usage in the form in Adobe LifeCycle Designer.

Can please someone help?

Thanks and best regards,


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2 Answers

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Former Member
Feb 07 at 06:55 AM

Hi Deborah

To access various text content use path: $.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*].ContentText

To access text type use node "TypeCode" under $.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*]

Work Description Texts are stored under the the type: 10022

You would have to write a ALD script to retrieve the text of type Work Description (type code 10022) ...

Hope this helps a bit...


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Hi Former Member,

thank you very much for your response! That's very helpful.

I created a dynamically table that shows both descriptions with their Type Code. And now I tried the following script in the validate event (FormCalc) to hide the row with the general description (type code 10004), so that I'm only seeing the 10022 description:

if (xfa.record.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*].TypeCode.value ne "l0022")
   this.presence = "hidden";

But it's not working. I think in the [*] in the Data Binding Name (xfa.record.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*].TypeCode.value) is an issue ...

Can you help?

Best regards, Deborah


Hi Karthik,

it now works with the following script! :)

FormServiceRequestConfirmation.Page2.WorkDescription.Row1.TextField6::validate - (JavaScript, Client)

iTypeCode = TextField7.rawValue;
if (iTypeCode != "10022"){
this.presence = "hidden";

I added another column with data binding for Type Code (TextField7) and reference it here...

But I'm still interested in how to reference directly to the type code of the XML data schema, without adding it to the form... Do you know how to do this?

Best regards, Deborah

Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula
Jan 31 at 11:15 AM

Work Description is already available in Form Data and can be consumed in custom template as well.

The path is $.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*] (.ContentText for the text content).

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Hi Prasanth Sarma Aryasomayajula ,

I tested it again. The path: $.ServiceRequest.TextCollection.Text[*].ContentText displays the values in the field description (ticket - overview), not the values in the field work description...

Can you please check if the work description is also available in the form data?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



I have further verfeid the same in ALD and this is working fine ,
can you please check this binding path below