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how to move table functions from dev system to quality system in hana studio?

Jan 31 at 05:53 AM


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Hi Experts,

I need a requirement to move Table functions from development system to quality system.

I create a Table function using SAP Develoment Perspective. And I wan to move it from the Dev to quality system.

I'm trying that Delivery units but I get all the view and objects except Table functions.

any suggestions please..?

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How did you create your function? Is it a catalog object or a repository object? If a repository object, is it assigned to a package which is assigned to your delivery unit?

You see, a lot of questions, which you could already answer by creating a question with a better descrption than just giving some high level information. That is valid also for your other questions you have asked in the past already.



Hi Florian Pfeffer ,

Thanks for your reply...

I created a table function in a package which is I created in a repository.

It is a repository object.

I assigned this to the delivery unit... But it shows only the views except Table function...

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1 Answer

shawon nandy Jan 31 at 08:48 AM

Hi Kabilasaran,

In order to transport table function , you should use Catalog object, not delivery unit..

Step1:First log on to your development server -> File->Export ->SAP HANA-> Catalog Objects->Next-> Type the table function name to transport -> Then save it in your local system or in the server.

Step 2: Log on to your Quality server-> File-> Import->SAP HANA -> Catalog Object -> Search the table function to import ->finish

That's it.



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Sorry, but your answer/recommendation is only valid in case you have some kind of sandbox systems for some kind of tests. But it is not valid for a professional landscape setup with a valid transport/deployment strategy. Arguments against your recommendation are that catalog objects should not be used if necessary, because then you loose all lifecycle management comfort. Another point is that many developers do not have (and should not have) rights on an QA system to change coding artifacts (so a developer can crash/hinder the execution of tests for instance).

In the XS Classic world, as used here, the delivery via delivery units or changes is the way to go. For XSA, which does not use anymore the HANA repository, but a Git based repository, the story is another one.