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Mixed storage is not allowed while confirming PCN for Quality approved materials

Jan 31 at 04:30 AM


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Dear SCN's,

I'm facing an issue while generating Transfer order for Post change notification, scenario is materials are Quality approved and move to Unrestricted from Quality stock. Now in SAP Warehouse a PCN will be created in background for this I'm generating transfer order and system is showing error 'Mixed storage is not allowed for storage type 001'. System is picking different bins even then it is showing error, please give inputs.

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please add some screenshots from your storage type definition and from the stock situation in source and target bin as well as from the TO when the error appeared


There is no Mixed storage allowed in storage type definition, and the bins are also not same but why I'm facing this issue.

warehouse.png (185.5 kB)

I had asked for more screenshots than just this one. Stock situation per storage bin can be seen in LS03N


The stock is in interim storage type and we are moving it to destination storage bin which has storage type 001. then how come it is a mixed storage error. Can you please explain, in which condition we face these issues.


I have activated Mixed storage with no limitation as system not allowing to post transaction without activating.

But please tell me why system is showing error even it is being transferred to new storage bin.


Configuration of Storage type in system which I have activated mixed storage without limitation now in order to post transaction.

storage-type.png (49.9 kB)

do I talk Chinese?


You dont want to answer then its ok leave it but dont give such replies.. There will be others if they want to help..

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2 Answers

Shyam Kumar Feb 01 at 06:41 PM

Dear Scn's,

Once again im explaining my situation, I have stock in interim storage type 922 which realeased after quality inspection and now Im trying to create transfer order for the pcn which will be generated for 321 mvt. type. But im unable to generate Transfer order as system showing error message 'mixed storage not allowed for storage type 001' abd the bin which im transferring to is a new storage bin which consists no stock even then im facing issue.

Note: I have activated mixed storage has no limitation as there was urgency. But i want to know the actual root cause.

Can anyone tell me why im facing error. Appreciate for your response.

Thank you.

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We have understood the problem but you have been asked to show some screenshots as they are needed for a solution and to validate an answer instead of just posting best guesses which may lead into a wrong direction and just waste time.

Shyam Kumar Feb 12 at 08:44 AM

Below are the screen shot of the storage bin while generating TO for materials confirmed to move from Quality to Unrestricted:

Storage Bin-LS03Nscreenshot

storage-bin.png (47.0 kB)
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in bin RM02S4 you have 75 KG

during posting change you want to transfer only 74.730 so balance 0.27 still exist in the same bin RM02S4.

Reason for error : Now in the same bin you are trying to store 74.730 kg with unrestricted status and then 0.27 kg with Q status this is possible only when mixed indicator is allowed for storage type 001


Thank you Manish for prompt reply, actually 0.27 kg is sample quanity which is being consumed. So how to clear the issue if there is no stock in the bin, can we increase the stock.


What is the physical process of sampling (what is happening with the stock 0.27 kg after sampling process over ) in your organization ? Try to replicate the same in SAP

My experiance is some company scrap it and some company return back to stock

To make the process simple, you should transfer the full quantity to unrestricted and then scrap 0.27 with an agreement with FI team for a specific GL so that you can track the posting for sample (However this depend on your company process and what is agreed in between MM , FI and QM team)


Thank you Manish for your valuable suggestion.