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Unable to install SAP HANA XSA

Jan 30 at 02:10 PM


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Hi Experts,

I am trying to install SAP HANA 2.0 XSA by following instructions available on:

but I after changing my master password when I try to go ahead with the configuration, I get an error: "connection failed, password you specified is invalid".

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Lucia Subatin
Jan 31 at 03:33 AM

Hi, The password was not changed by the installation script as there was a previous error (hdbxscontroller HDB XS Controller not running) that's preventing your database from starting.

Please login to the VM again as hxeadm and, when the installation script starts and you are prompted for the SYSTEM password, interrupt the script using CTRL+C.

Check if you have a file ending in *LCK in the following directory using command ls /usr/sap/HXE/SYS/global/xsa/security/ssfs/data/

If you do, remove it using command rm and log in to the instance as hxeadm again so that the installation script restarts.

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Hi Lucia, Thanks for the response. I searched for *LCK file using the command specified by you, that file is not there. it there any other check that might help me?


Assuming your computer does have 16GB RAM minimum to run this VM (and you do not have a ton of apps running together with the hypervisor - every megabyte counts during setup), I would try the install again and see what the logs have to say. You should find them using cdtrace to switch to where the logs are and then ls | grep xscontroller for example to find the files. The daemon logs can also provide a hint.