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Jan 30, 2018 at 01:36 PM

How do we perform Continuous Integration of SAP UI5 application Using Grunt, QUnit?


I'm developing the Continuous Delivery process for SAP UI5 applications.

Tools used:

  1. IDE - SAP WebIDE – On-premise version.
  2. GIT- Repository
  3. Jenkins – Orchestration
  4. Grunt – For building the application through gruntfile.js and package.json
  5. QUnit - Unit Testing
  6. Firefox Selenium IDE- Integration Testing
  7. Bower – For resolving runtime dependencies for the application

I am running the Jenkins jobs by executing grunt commands via Shell scripts. I'm trying to run the QUnit task in Grunt and have used Bower for resolving the run-time library dependencies but there are no bower components available to download SAP run-time library. I tried running the OpenUI5-sap-ui-core.js and OpenUI5- sap.m components but it seems OpenUI5 doesn't contain all the SAP libraries, and thus it fails at run-time complaining about sap.ushell not found. How do we get access to SAP run-time library