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Number is getting Reversed in Arabic Script

Jan 30 at 08:30 AM


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Hello Friends,

I have converted the script in en to ar. In the script, I need to display FAX, Telephone VAT Number and customer address which I am fetching from KNA1 table. Everything is comming properly except FAX Number and Telephone.

In the KNA1 table, fax number is like this 04 396 0660 But in Arabic script, it is displaying reversed like this 0660 396 04. The same thing is happening with phone number also.

How do I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.


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1 Answer

Iftah Peretz
Jan 30 at 08:42 PM


You didn't specify in which medium this is happening (Smartform, Sapscript, ALV, Dynpro etc.), so a root solution can vary.

As a quick naive fix, why not condition on sy-langu (or some other language indicator) and if you are in Arabic reverse only the problematic fields (in your case Fax and phone numbers)?

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I am modifying one SAP Script. I have converted the script in en to ar and I need to English in Arabic script. english Words and numbers are jumbling.

Eg. If the full word is Vishvam Nileshkumar Modi.In Arabic script, It will display Modi Vishvam Nileshkumar. The last word will come before the first word. Same thing for numbers as well. It doesn't matter If I hard code or fetch values from driver program English text will jumble.