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Jan 30, 2018 at 06:08 AM

EDIT or RESTORE sap bw query from higher 7.x GUI to lower 7.x GUI


Hi guys,

I noticed that if I make some changes in a query using higher 7.x version GUI, I can't anymore edit it with lower 7.x version of GUI.

Any of you already experienced this?

How can I restore the query to its lower version? Or is there a way to edit the query with lower version of GUI?

An example is, queries created using GUI 7.4 cannot be edited by GUI 7.3 or any version lower than 7.4..

Sample of error message encountered when editing a query which was already saved using higher version of GUI: (query was created using 7.3, edited by 7.4, then if opened with 7.3 the error message below appears).

Thank you.



delete.jpg (219.0 kB)