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Performance of VA03 flavor- Personas

Jan 30 at 03:12 AM


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I created a flavor in VA03 transaction and merged only two tabs i header. But, I did hide all other tabs in header ( about 11 of them) and also hide lot of fields in item level ( not merging any ).

It is taking about 18 seconds to display the sales order in Web GUI Personas. Is there way to improve the performance since it takes only 2 seconds to display in SAP GUI via VA03 ?.

We are in Personas 3.0 SP 5.

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3 Answers

Daniel Mizdal Feb 05 at 08:22 AM


Please look what you can improve:

On which client (development/test) are you using your custom flavor? Usually PSA client has more consistent data and its infrastructure makes flavors faster than in PSD. Also, try to test your flavor with consumer role (no admin authorizations and no access to the "P" menu) - I can say from my own experience that it can help.


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Tamas Hoznek
Jan 30 at 11:29 PM

How long does it take to display the order in webgui with Personas disabled (or even just with the Original Screen)?

You should not compare performance of a Personas flavor to SAP GUI, but the webgui. If the webgui is also slow, then you need to work on tuning your ITS.

Merging two tabs should be OK, but it also matters what exactly got merged. Merging tabs with complex controls like large tables (for instance, conditions in the header) will be slower.

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Sundaram Thiagarajan Feb 01 at 10:23 PM

It is taking only 6.2 seconds in Webgui for the same order with original screen.

Merged two tabs with only 4 fields. I also hide several item level table column.

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Which tabs were merged and what else is in those tabs? Any complex controls?


Sales tab and Export control tab which has four fields which moved to Sales tab. No complex controls.

All other header tabs were hide and also several item table columns and item tabs.

Any sample VA03 flavor screen shot and time it takes to display be shared?.

Sundaram Thiagarajan

The Sales tab has the huge table with hundreds of columns... probably this is what causes the performance issue already on the webgui side, and tab merging will have its overhead trying to figure out what to render on the screen.

You could experiment with defining a table variant for the item overview table, and hide all the columns that no user will ever need. I'm sure there are a lot of such columns. This cuts the data coming from the backend and should help performance.

Hiding the columns with Personas doesn't help the performance. Doing this via table variant decreases the info webgui (and Personas) needs to deal with.