WDBU sometimes dont send price condition changes in idoc.

Oct 25, 2016 at 06:43 AM


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Hi, experts, I need your advice about following problem: Every night starts autamatic process "Nightrun" that runs WDBU ( RWDBBUPD program with variants for all stores ) and after that BD22 to clear change pointers. The problem is that sometimes the idocs generated ( WBBDLD02 ) have segments E1WBB07 and E1WBB08 and sometimes doesn't have ( the other changes for materials like name, description, EAN , etc. are in the idoc, but the materials with price condition change are not included ). I have started a trace for this process and after observing the log, I thing that "History store check" passes OK, "Getting and Analysing Change Pointers" also passes OK, "Creating master idoc" - OK, but "Idoc reduction" is the problem and I dont know where exactly is the problem. I can not find any dependence when the system generates idocs with price change conditions and when it does not ( every day there are price changes made in the system with VK11, VK12, VKP5, WAK5 for VKP0/VKA0 in table A071/A073 ). More info: the system has assortment list ( 9 ); also has two sales organisations with different Listing Conditions (in WLK1 table) - and there are some materials that have both listing conditions. Do you think that the problem is in that materials? Please give your suggestions. Thanks!!!


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2 Answers

Paulo Rui Castanheira Jul 18, 2017 at 09:37 AM

Do had any solution to this question.

I had same issue.



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Kalin Tsankov Dec 06, 2017 at 09:21 AM

No, not at all. But I solve this problem another way.

A program that runs every night as scheduled job (SM37).

The program checks the WBBDLD idocs generated from WDBU - if there is segmet E1WBB07/08 just sends me mail that everything is OK,

else - the program gets all material codes with price change ( A071/A073 ), submits program rwdbbman (WDBM tcode) and sends me mail that price changes have passed to POS.

If you are interested I can post the code of this program.

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