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Former Member
Jun 02, 2008 at 01:03 AM

ALV Problem...Please help


Hi All,

I am trying to build this application in webdynpro where my users can modify ODS table durectly using this alv application. I want them to display , delete and modify the rows of the active ODS table.

I selected alv to display the data in the tabular form which also has an inbuild feature of filter and sort and so. I also created the a group of button and feilds where my users can modify the contents,if neccesary.

I have bound both group and the alv grid to the same context.

Now when I select any row in the alv it gets populated the the fields below which is great. For example if I selected row with Username :: BW110, all the group fields will get populated with that row.

The problem is that if i select BW110 (so curretly the active row in alv and the fields in the group have same credentials with username:: BW110....until now there is no filter applied) and now when i try to filter the alv grid with some other username it gives me code dump. I just dont have any idea y is it doing it.

Also, If i try to filter it with the username which is active i.e BW110 in my example then it works fine.

Please help.