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Agentry integration with SAP UI 5

Jan 29 at 10:37 AM


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Dear All,

I am trying to integrate Agentry and UI5 application, Basically trying to invoke a UI5 screen from Syclo.

I am trying to follow various links but not able to understand.

What steps exactly needs to be done , Do I need to change the Agentry client installation files and create new dlls etc ..

If anyone has done any such implementation, it would be really great if you can guide the steps for start ups.

Many Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty

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1 Answer

Bill Froelich
Jan 29 at 02:23 PM

Yes, you will need to build a new client that contains the UI5 Open UI control interface. Then you will need to deploy the correct UI5 version along with your application to the client and access from with Agentry like other open UI controls. There are sample UI5 controls included in the SDK (as well as an Agentry project that uses them) that I recommend you start with to verify you have everything in place and working before trying to use your own application.

I do recall that the samples may not be bundled with all three of the platform SDK files so if you don't see them look in one of the other platforms. The UI5 and Agentry app are not platform specific.


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Former Member

Thanks Bill,

As discussed I referred the SDK : Agentry_70.15.2_OpenUISampleDotNET/Agentry Windows Desktop Client Open SDK file

How to Create a Custom Control For the Agentry Windows Desktop Client Using the Agentry Open UI SDK


Install the Agentry .NET/WPF Client.

Create a "CustomControls" sub-folder in the client's installation folder.

Use Visual Studio 2015 or later.

Create a WPF Custom Control (targeting the .NET 4.5 Framework).

If using the sample project, remove the AgentryClientSDK reference and add back the reference to the AgentryClientSDK assembly which is in the Agentry Client installation folder.

Your custom control class must implement the AgentryClientSDK.ICustomAgentryControl interface.

The Agentry Client will set the DataContext property of your custom control to an object that
implements the Agentry SDK interface that corresponds to the type of control.

For example:
AgentryClientSDK.IAgentryControlViewModelDateTimeDisplay vm = DataContext as AgentryClientSDK.IAgentryControlViewModelDateTimeDisplay;

After you build your custom control, copy its assembly to the CustomControls folder in the Agentry Client's installation folder.


I am not able to understand it fully so as to implement and check.

Is there any steps you can suggest, as Visual Studio / UI5 is all new to me.

Many Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty


The UI5 Open UI control is provided by the Work Manager team. You will need to get it from their SDK if you are looking to try the UI5 stuff.