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Apr 18, 2008 at 01:46 AM

Crosstab not showing all records


Post Author: rasinc

CA Forum: General

I have a specialized crosstab report setup that is not showing all records. First the report is designed to pull records from two sets of tables. I have modified the SQL statement manually to create a UNION query which works well except for one part. The information pulled is vendor name, dollars and date. When the vendor name, dollars and date are exactly the same for two different records, only one is returned and showing in the crosstab.

The rows are account and vendor name. The column is date (showing for end of each month). When I include the record id, it will show each one separately but I need the summarized value by account and month, not by record id also.

When I run it on just the one set of tables, without the modified SQL to include the UNION query, it returns all records and adds them into the cell totals.

Anyone have any ideas why the report might be giving this type of result.

TIA rasinc