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Apr 01, 2008 at 05:01 PM

Filtering report data based on user login and Parameter fields


Post Author: mronquillo

CA Forum: General

Hi,I am running a report that filters data based on the user login. To do this, I created a formula called @user that compares the login name (using the CurrentCEUserName field) and returns the user's name. If the user login is not a login specified in the if statements, it returns the parameter field "user_name":For example: if CurrentCEUserName = "loginname1" then "User's Name 1"else if CurrentCEUserName = "loginname2" then "User's Name 2" else if CurrentCEUserName = "loginname3" then "User's Name 3" else if CurrentCEUserName = "loginname4" then "User's Name 4".. .else {?user_name} In select expert, I have a condition which filters data based on the string returned from that formula:{Table.Name} = {@user} This works fine and when the users run the report they only their own data. However, they are still prompted to choose a parameter field regardless if of the value returned by the @user formula. Oddly enough, regardless of what parameter field they choose, they will still only see their own data (i.e. if John chooses "Bob" from the parameter list, he will still only see John's data.)If I remove the "else {?user_name}" line from the @user formula, then the users are not prompted anymore. However, if they are not a "valid" user - that is, if any of the if statements in the formula are not true for their login name - then they will see no data. What I want to do is make the report ONLY prompt the user to choose a parameter field if their login name is not "valid". That is, if the @user formula is able to return a string value for their login name, then they will jump right into the report without being prompted to choose a parameter - otherwise, the user will be prompted to choose a name from the parameter list. I thought my formula would allow this (hence the "else" clause), but it seems that if a parameter field is present in any formula, then the report automatically prompts the user to choose a parameter. Is what I am trying to accomplish possible in CR (I'm using CR v10.0) or is there a better way to do what I am trying to do?Thanks in advance.