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Jan 30, 2008 at 02:50 AM

Need Help--How to Conditionally Suppress Text Object


Post Author: ryan_r

CA Forum: General

Hi, I've build a crystal report that conatins some blank text object that has a single border on top of the blank text object. what I want to do is, how to suppressed it conditionally. I have a conditional suppress formula for some item details, here's the formula :If PreviousIsNull ({SuspenseMstr.Budget}) and IsNull ({SuspenseMstr.Budget}) and PreviousIsNull ({SuspenseMstr.ProgramID}) and IsNull ({SuspenseMstr.ProgramID}) then Trueelse If Previous({SuspenseMstr.Budget}) = {SuspenseMstr.Budget} and Previous({SuspenseMstr.ProgramID}) = {SuspenseMstr.ProgramID} then True;Can I apply that formula to Text Objects or not? is there any way to do that kinda thing?Thanks for all of your support guys, I appreciate it.