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SAP C4C List Modification to be displayed on each row by clicking on a field ( Link field )

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to call Service Ticket QC on each row inside my EC. That is if i have 3 rows which displays some values inside my EC, there should be a field on each row, on click if it, it should open Standard Service Ticket QC screen.

I have thought to use List Modification Structure. Here is the list of steps i have followed.

1. Created a DataList and then right clicked on the DataList and created Modification Structure for the same and mapped to the fields.

2. Made one field inside my EC component as Link and onclick i have added an Event Handler

3. Inside Event handler i have selected ListModification and selected the Modification Structure.

4. inside Advance List Pane i have double clicked on ListModification form and selected the Modification Structure on AssociatedListModification Structure.

5. draged and dropped the field from BO browser inside the list modification structure.

6. Saved and activated.

when i try to test it in the UI it gives me error. An Error occurred. try resuming your work.

Below is something strange i saw.

Now i have the same Setup. Same EC and same binding and same list modification everything.

I have created another field and made the field as LINK and binded that to Root -> NODE ID.

Onclick i have called the same event Handler as above.

This seems to work fine for me. But value of the Node Id displays some system generated value and i don't want list modification to be displayed on this field.

Can someone please help me here.

Or if anyone can suggest me an alternate solution please.


Srikanth Rathod

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