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Dec 04, 2007 at 09:53 PM

Database Design


Post Author: Horizon57

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I have the oppertunity to design this Access database for the specific purpose of storing the summariized data going into the report as well as making the most efficient design to support user prompts in the report involving a dynamic cascading pick list.

Three fields (lets call them A, B and C ) are common to all the tables in the database and will be used in the cascading pick list to garner user input and drive record selection at the mainreport level.

Database Design Question:

Is it beneficial to have a table in the database which contains only fields A, B and C to create the parameter values for the pick list. This table would then be joined to each other table in the database on a primary key field (A). This is as oppoesed to having an db with unjoined table and writing record selection formulae for each table within the crystal report.

I would love everyones opinion. An yes, I am working without CR Server and a SQL database. This is a proof of concept exercise to justify the possible future expenses of a similar reporting system. Thanks.