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Oct 29, 2007 at 09:40 PM

I need a Kind of 3 dimensional report (not sure if it s the right term)


Post Author: rtutus

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I have category, Products and sales data.

I want a report that displays products and categories, grouped by categoriy ID. Each category of each group has a number of products.

Here is the challenge:I want the report to include several months, for january for example: I need the categories and their sub products and for each group I want the total sales of each product for September.

I also want the same thing for February, March....etc all in the same report on different columns.

Something like this:

Category Product Sales for Jan Sales for Feb Sales for Mar..etcCategory1 Product11 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product12 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product13 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxCategory2 Product21 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product22 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product23 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxCategory3 Product31 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product32 xxxxx xxxxx xxxx Product33 xxxxx xxxxx xxxxPls note that I have my data pretty much in the same table.

Thanks a lot.