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Oct 17, 2007 at 11:56 PM

HELP!! Obtaining correct data within field


Post Author: MWinn

CA Forum: General

I have to create a report that will be sent to our customers at the end of each month. We are in the ATM servicing industry. We just installed a program for our Call Center, Inventory, and accounting. The data bases consist of the normal tables and fields, however, the fields with in the tables contain overlapping information. I am having trouble getting the correct information form individual fields. For instance I need to pull the problem description from a table called SBCODE using a field called SCDDS2 (SBCODE.SCDDS2), however, there is a lot of other information in that Field that has nothing to do with the problem code. The programmers used a field called SCDTYP (SBCODE.SCDTYP) to enter a code that they would then use to define what information is stored there. I.E. "PR" would represent the problem description part of the field. I can use the selection expert and define that SCDTYP = "PR" and get the correct results for the Problem Description, however, when I have to use that same table (SBCODE) to get the Technician Description I would then have to set SBCODE.SCTYP to "TE" which would then give bogus results for the problem code. I tried to create a formula for each of the different fields that I need to insert into the report, but to no avail. Basically I need a way to define SBCODE.SCDTYP for a number of different fields (SBCODE.SCDDS2 and SBCODE.SCDTNM) that we need to use in order to pull the correct information and I am unable to figure out just how to do this.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have already linked the tables with corresponding fields. I am kinda new to whole formula thing but I tried to just create a formula that difined SBCODE.SCDTYP = "PR"; SBCODE.SCDDS2 and then insert that formula into the report as a field entry, but it didn't work.


Michael D. Winn