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Oct 02, 2007 at 04:47 PM

Nested Subreports


Post Author: scourge

CA Forum: General

I am attempting to combine 4 different pieces of paperwork (reports) into a main or driver report. Each of these reports is a stand-alone report now, but the user wants the reports or paperwork to be grouped by the job. So I created a 'driver' report, that has each of these stand-alone reports as a sub-report. The problem is that one of the reports has a sub-report in it, so I have a nested subreport. When I look at this report in Design view, the sub-report is gone and the information that would be in this nested subreport does not show up when I run the reports. Is this a bug? I am running CR 9 and I believe I am at service pack 5. Is this normal CR behavior?

Thanks in advance