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Aug 30, 2007 at 04:53 PM

Allow Custom Values (Parameters with DropDown Box)


Post Author: sher

CA Forum: General

Can someone tell me why am I pulling 1 value of approximately 15 when setting up a DropDown parameter instead of listing all of the values? In field explorer--parameter (right click to edit parameter), under "list of values", I chose 'static', under "value field" I chose the appropriate field from the table, under "actions", I chose 'append all database values". Instead of reviewing all 15 values, only the first value is displayed. I would press the "clear or delete" button (to clear the default value) and the one value goes away but appears again when I click "append all values". The "Allow Custom Values" is set to true and I can't change it when I click "append all database values". It seems as though this field has a build-in default value that won't change. I have deleted and renamed the parameter but it does the same things. This is why I assumed that the default was attached to that field. When I go to "select expert" and select my field for the dropDown box, then select browse, I see all 15 values. Strange!!!