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Aug 21, 2007 at 04:48 PM

Problem with rpt file when adding a new table to database fields


Post Author: nik

CA Forum: General

Hi. Sorry for my english. I'll try to explain my problem in simple words.I've an application that uses an .rpt file in order to generate invoices using data stored in a database (nothing new here 😊 ). My need is to add new tables in order to display other data on the invoice. I open this .rpt file to select data origin. The strange thing is that: The selected table are linked to a database that I don't know (It's not viewable or selectable from sql admin). The very strange thing is that the tables that belong to this db are the same tables that belongs to another db that i could view and select from sql admin.So... when a try to add other tables from the db that I manage, in the selected table box are shown two db : the old db (that I don't know where is) and the db from which I've imported new tables (the tables that I need in order to show new data on my invoice). After that I position the new fields on the invoice layout and save the .rpt file. The problem is that when I try to generate an invoice (using this modified .rpt file) I do not have any data displayed (neither the data that where shown before this modify).Thank you