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Jul 30, 2007 at 09:00 PM

Grouping on fields that have more than one value entered. Please need help fast!!!


Post Author: DennisC

CA Forum: General

I am creating a report that is to be grouped on a particular field that can have more than one entry. My user said they did not care how I did it but to only count the record one time. The field that is selected is a dropdown on an form that is in Alpha order. So the entries always appear in the the field in alpha order. This is for use as an example: Record 1 has a value of CAT in the field, Record 2 has a value of CAT, DOG in the field and Record 3 has a value of CAT, DOG, HORSE in the field. I get 3 separate groupings for the 3 records.

Group = CAT

Then the detail information appears here

Group = CAT, DOG

Then the detail information appears here


Then the detail information appears here

What is would like to see using this example is one group for CAT with all 3 records appearing under it and ignore the other two. This way there would all be getting counted but the report would look a little more streamlined.

Group = CAT

record 1 detail information

record 2 detail information

record 3 detail information

thanks in advanced for any help!!!!