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Jul 30, 2007 at 01:27 PM

Create summary for operator performance statistics


Post Author: dkekesi

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Hi All,I use CR XI and MSSQL2000. I have made a report where each user's performance is detailed. Data gathered from the DB is grouped by user (group1) and work type (group2). Each user is displayed on a separate page so that their performance can be handed out to them. The users' performance are further divided into tables according to the type of work they made (assembly, packaging, quality control, etc.). Each table lists the type of items they worked on and the corresponding statistics data.See a sample page from the report: There are as many pages as operators. So far no problem. But management requires that I prepare a summary page where some important data is extracted from these tables into a single summary table. The table should contain operator name, and some data from the total and grand total lines. How can this be done without creating a subreport or a separate report?Also if I create a subreport is there a way to make the subreport use the results from the SQL query of the main report? I really do not want to go through the data twice to get the summary and the details.Thanks for the kind help in advance.Best Regards,Daniel