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C4S - Customer idendification of incoming Emails

Jan 31 at 08:10 PM


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I want automatically create Service tickets out of Emails. Sending emails to, they are transformed to a service ticket, but the Customer is not correctly idendified. It seems that only a name is idendified based on information send with the email. In case of emails send to, the email is send to unassociated emails.

How does the customer idendification works? I thought it would be based on the email adresses that are saved with the specific account. Are there any setting that I might need to check.

Thanks for your help,


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3 Answers

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Sandeep Hebbar
Feb 02 at 09:03 AM

Hi Sunny,

You have mentioned about the two business scenarios

1. Business to Customer(B2C) customer support, here if in the scoping question you select support e-mail channels for individual customer and Customer`s e-mail address is not maintained, then an new Individual customer will be created with a new ticket or ticket will be linked to an existing account

2. Business to Business(B2B) customer support, ticket will be created only for the existing customers(we search for the e-mail address maintained for All Contacts). If there are no contacts existing, then mails will be landed in unassociated e-mails.

P.S: Even if you have multiple matching contacts then also mails will land in unassociated e-mails and reason will also be mentioned on the screen.

Please refer to the blog

for more information on the system set up.


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Keshav Harake Jan 31 at 10:08 PM
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Lizz Sunnyi Feb 07 at 08:25 AM

Hello Keshav, hello Sandeep,

thank you very much for your answer. I were actually able to solve it now - it was a simple mix up between the technical emails - I send the emails to the B2C technical email, but the Email was saved with an Account. The Blog entry Sandeep posted the link to is definetly very good for understanding the whole email response topic.

Best regards,


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