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Jul 19, 2007 at 06:05 PM

Weird issues with CR XI R2 SP2


Post Author: Nicholas

CA Forum: General

So I have this report that I've made multiple changes to over the past 8 months using Crystal XI SP2. Recently I got a new laptop and installed a fresh copy of Crystal XI, then updated it with the huge Release 2 with SP2 patch (putting me at version I made a change to this report and saved it, I was no longer able to run it completely. I hit preview, enter the parameters but now get multiple errors saying "Database Connector Error: '22012:[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Divide by zero error encountered. [Database Vendor Code: 3621 ]'". Those errors are followed by a "Database Connector Error: '01000:[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL

Server]The statement has been terminated. [Database Vendor Code: 3621 ]'" error, then another error that says "Database Connector Error: ''".A co-worker had recently updated her CR XI version from SP2 to CR XI Release 2 (with SP2). I had her open the same file that's erroring for me, and it ran for her.I ended up installing CR 10, opened the file, saved it as version 10, then opened and ran it in my XI version and it worked. As soon as I save it, close and open XI and run it again, it stops working - every time.The fact that the report runs on another machine, and runs when saved as version 10 would lead me to believe it's an issue with the Crystal Reports XI Release 2 with SP2 upgraded version.Anyone have input on this? I would like to continue using the newest version as there are new little features that make things a little easier.Thanks in advance...