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Jul 12, 2007 at 12:50 AM

Reports XI: Infoview behavior with Row Level Security


Post Author: pwilliamsbssp

CA Forum: General

I have a report that is based off a business view that has project information with an additional table used to assign report users to certain clients (each project has a client). A filter is used to assign the report user to the current ce username.The report is scheduled by the administrator login. Each user goes to view their report on Infoview and is able to view data for only those clients specifically assigned. This functionality seems to work fine - everyone views one instance of the report and InfoView assigns the row level security.However, I'm running into a problem viewing report histories when adding or changing client assignments. The historical reports come up either blank or with erroneous information (such as the current week's information instead of the previous week's data saved with the instance of the report). I have not found a logical link between the behavior of the historical reports and the specific users. Some can see one week and not another while others have the reverse, regardless of their security assignments.Does anyone understand the behavior of view historical reports with row-level security? I have no idea what data/metadata is saved with each report instance and when the row-level security is being read. Is it read when viewing the report? or, is it specific to the structure of the data when the report was run?With other reports using the same row-level security model I'm able to view the historical reports although it has the client assignments at the time the report was created. But, at least I'm able to view the reports.Any insight welcome.Patrick Williams