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Jul 10, 2007 at 11:19 AM

Multiple Prints required dependent on Variable


Post Author: Dazzler

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Hello all,

First time poster, desperate for some assistance. I hope this is in the right place (as suggested i've searched for an answer to my query but couldn't find one). The details of the system we use are as follows:

Product: Crystal Reports (used in conjunction with Efacs v7 by Exel Computer Systems)

Version: 7

Patches Applied: None

Operating System(s): Windows XP

Database(s): Microsoft SQL Server v7

Using Crystal Reports we generate an Order Acknowledgment for every order that is to be manufactured. This contains info about the CUSTOMER (Name, Account, Address) the ORDER (date, Order No, Value) and each individual PRODUCT on that order (Part No, Description, Price, Quantity).

(I tried to attach an image to this post as an example, but failed.) There can be any number of products on an order and then of course differing quantities of each product required.

What i then need to be able to do is generate a Sticky Label that can be applied to the box of each individual product for Product Identification (Order No, Part No - text & barcode, Desc, Qty)

I have managed to do most of it, however the bit i need help with is finding a way to Print the number of labels depending on the Quantity of the product required - eg if the Order Ack says there are 6 x BMS1 and 1 x BMS3 locks required i need 7 labels to be printed - but at the moment i just get 2 (one for each product).

Does anyone know how or if this would be possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated and if any more info is required please let me know.