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Jul 02, 2007 at 08:00 AM

Record display on subreports


Post Author: SharonDM

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I'm new to Crystal and apologize if some questions may have an obvious answer.

I've a main report and three subreports. I want each sub-report to be displayed on a new page. I've partially achieved this by selecting' New page after' in the section expert where I've placed my sub-reports. Although all the sub reports start on a new page, for each sub-report, if there are 10 records, it displays 4 records on one page then a huge blank space and the remaining ones on the next page, whereas it can display all records on the same page.I've placed the subreports in Report Footer section of the main report, Report Footer a, Report Footer b and Report Footer c...In section expert, New Page after and Keep together are ticked.

The other issue is with the parameters. I want the sub-reports to use the parameters typed in for the main report. In this case, the main report and the sub-reports are to display records for the same range of transaction date.However, when I run the main report, its asking for 4 set of parameters, one for the main and three for sub-reports. Thus, the user has to enter the same date range four times. Is it possible, the user enters the date range and its carried across all the sub-reports and main report.

I'm using Crystal 9