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Jun 29, 2007 at 06:46 PM

Can Two CR Installations Coexist Gracefully?


Post Author: jdandrea

CA Forum: General

Greetings! I have a bit of a puzzle to solve ... clues and advisement welcome! Here's the scenario.I have a WinXP system that needs to run Peachtree Accounting 2007[1] and StarBuilder[2]. Not necessarily at once.If I try to print a report from Peachtree's FAS module, I get this error: "FAS Reporting: Error occurred while generating report - Please contact your System Administrator. Details: Automation error, ClassFactory cannot supply requested class."ClassFactory, eh? Sounds like COM fun to me, maybe a DLL mismatch. :-oSo I checked with Peachtree. They suggested I backup the Crystal directory (in c:\windows) plus about four specific DLLs starting with cr. Then I was to do a reinstall of FAS. (I renamed the original dir/files, natch.) This got me back in business with FAS ... but now we noticed StarBuilder couldn't print reports. Putting things back the way they were at least got us back to square one.Then, on a hunch, I did some digging ... and discovered/confirmed that Peachtree uses Crystal Reports 8.5, while StarBuilder uses Crystal Reports 10.0. D'oh!Alas, Peachtree is not committing to supporting CR 10.0 anytime soon, and StarBuilder doesn't see the need to do anything since they're at the higher revision. :(Since the vendors aren't helping, I'm turning here for clues and assistance. Is there any way for me to work some filesystem, config file or registry magic get these two apps coexisting gracefully with CR? (Techie details don't scare me - go for it, I'll listen.)Thank you! [1][2];