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Jan 31, 2018 at 01:30 AM

Restrict decimals in derived FX rate (indirect rate)



Is there a way to restrict number of decimals when a currency rate (indirect) is derived from 2 other currency rates (direct rates).

for example,

I load below direct rates loaded into RATES MODEL..

USD to CNY 6.5

USD to CAD 1.23

Now, when i run "CURRENCY TRANSLATION" package to calculate CAD to CNY, BPC calculates as follows.

BPC calculated indirect rate for CAD to CNY as 6.5 / 1.23 = 5.284552846 and this is the value being used by CURRENCY TRANSLATION package.

But, we want to restrict these decimals to 4 so we want to use only 5.2845.

How can we achieve this? Appreciate any feedback.