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May 09, 2007 at 12:59 AM

HTML based errors?


Post Author: InkBlot

CA Forum: General

I seem to have developed a new problem just recently in Crystal Reports XI. Refreshing reports would cause the program to crash, blaming "mfc71u.dll" in the process. Through trial and error, I've isolated the symptoms down to this:Crw32.exe only crashes if:I open a report directly from outside Crystal, such as in Windows Explorer.I attempt to access anything which generates html content. Most of my reports use parameter values, and when I refresh the parameter prompt is generated in HTML. If I used a report with saved data, and opted to used "stored values" I was OK. If I try to open the help files (html based .chm files), it crashes in hhctrl.ocx.Oddest of all, if I open Crystal by itself, I can open any of the same reports and I have no problems at all. I can refresh, enter new parameters, open the help files, everything. So far, I've removed and reinstalled Crystal, and I've verified the file association in Windows Explorer (in comparison with a coworker's PC who isn't having this issue). All this is in Windows XP, SP2.I've been digging for any kind of information on this sort of behavior for a bit now, and haven't had any luck. Why would opening a report from explorer be any different from opening Crystal first? Does anyone have any ideas?Thanks...