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Apr 23, 2007 at 06:40 PM

Sub Report and Grouping in CR XI


Post Author: rickcf

CA Forum: General

I am new to CR XI so hopefully this is an easy question.

I have a report that has several selection criteria and then picks a batch of records from tableA and groups them by the tableA.number which is not unique u2013 thus the grouping. There is no detail in this report just printing out via the group. TableA is connected to tableB vi foreign and primary key and the relationship is 1 TableA to many TableB. I want the child records to print at the very end of the report so I created a subreport for tableB (with its own set of supporting tables), linked it with the FK & PK link and put it in the report footer. (This works if you have no grouping.)

My problem is the sub report only prints the data pertaining to the last grouping of records and not for all records. Is there any way to get the sub report print with all records instead of just the last group printed?

Open to any suggestions.