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Apr 20, 2007 at 06:14 PM

Grand Totals using Crystal Version 9 - (Peachtree Accounting Software)


Post Author: mklafert

CA Forum: General

Before I made the posting I tried to create a new running total. But when I do that and it ask field to summerize then I cannot pick my formula field. Basically, what I need is a forumla that will calucate non-commission amounts from an invoice and then a grand total of that field. I have the formula that gives me the non-commison amout: non-commission = {JrnlHdr.MainAmount} - Sum ({@commission}, {JrnlHdr.Reference})*1 That works but I can't figure out how to get a grand total for this. I have another field "comm amt." Sum ({@commission}, {JrnlHdr.Reference}) * .10because these fields are summerized, I can't get a grand total or I am at a loss. I have tried all kinds of formulas. HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!Possible I need to change the formula to calcuate non-commission and the commision amount? I even tried to create another formula fiedl that would total both these fields and it would tell me "can't summerized this field"