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Implement SAML 2.0 authentication for a select number of ICF services

Jan 30 at 07:16 PM


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I need to implement SAML 2.0 authentication for only a select number of ICF aliases/services. On the following Wiki page, I read that when "SAML 2.0 authentication is only required for a few ICF services, the best way to achieve this is to create a virtual host in SICF and to maintain those services in the virtual host for which SAML 2.0 authentication will be used." (Source: ICF logon procedures configuration for SAML 2.0 authentication -

If I create this new virtual host for SAML 2.0 authentication, how do I "disable" SAML 2.0 authentication on the default host?

Thanks in advance,


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Jill Diesman Apr 04 at 12:57 PM

Hello Roland,

Thank you for following up.

Even though Fiori isn't part of my solution, I used the following resource to do much of my configuration:
Using SAML 2.0 Authentication to Access Fiori Apps from the Public Internet.

I have also used the resource: Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0:

In answer to my own question above, I have created a Virtual Host and will be putting the services/external aliases I want to use SAML authentication with there. For the Virtual Host I created a new domain name,

My problem now is that my ADFS admin requested that I re-create the service provider metadata file to reflect the new endpoints ( In the browser-based SAML2 configuration screens, I do not find a way to indicate which endpoints to use.

Any help is much appreciated!

Best regards,

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I posted a separate question about re-creating the service provider metadata XML file (to reflect the new endpoints), and was finally able to answer it myself. Please see: SAML 2.0 config - How to change endpoints in metadata XML file



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Mar 21 at 07:37 AM

Hello Jill,

just saw your question. Have you managed to solve it for your self?



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