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Mar 23, 2007 at 10:49 PM

Possibly to do in Crystal or not?


Post Author: Patric

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I have a problem that I think is difficult to solve. If someone could give me a hand I would be very happy.

Basicly I am trying to make a list that shows transactionsfor similary items. These items are replaceable with eachotherbut they are stored in different warehouses. And we want to seeif there is a specific date when a shortage comes up.

If you look at the "Balance" column it simply ads all transactions.from the column "Units Transaction" What I would like to do is to adthe sum of the stockbalance for all items at the top of the "Balance"column. The "Ideal" Column show how I want it to be. The stock balance should only count the stockbalance once for item 61030.

Is this possible to do in Crystal? And the 100 $ dollar question. How should I do it. A formel or running total?

Item no Warehouse Units Transaction Balance Ideal Stockbalance Date61038 04 5 5 201 19 10/15/0661039 04 5 10 206 19 10/15/06

61030 01 -161030 01 -2 8 204 147 03/20/0761030 01 10 18 214 147 03/21/07

61031 02 -110 -92 104 11 03/22/07