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Freight costs based on weight

Jan 30 at 03:27 PM


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Hello all,

Our company has been using SAP Business One for some years now. However, we still calculate shipping costs (in Sales Orders) outside of SAP, manually, using the rates of our preferred transportation company.

We would like to automate this process. Does SAP B1 offer such a feature? I'm thinking of a table or something comparable in which I can enter the different rates (e.g. 0-15kg costs €10, 15-30kg costs €20, etc.

Ideally I'd like to have this charge appear on the Sales Order, based on the total weight of the requested products.

I would appreciate some guidance on this subject. I imagine this must be possible in SAP B1.

Thank you.

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3 Answers

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Brendan Bell Jan 30 at 08:07 PM


We also charge our customers a shipping charge, however this is all handled by our website. This data (charge) is passed into the footer rates section of a sales order.

Things you should consider, here is Aus, shipping can be calculated in a number of ways.
A. Flate Rate. For Packages upto say 25KG
B. Volumetric
The above also have other factors like destination postcode.
In order for any of this to work you would need to have stored in your item master the dimensions and weights for your items.
Then you would need a carrier table with fields like (PostCodeFrom, PostCodeTo, WeightFrom, WeightTo)
Then once all items are added in sales order, perhaps have a calculate button that will read order lines and extrapolate a total volume for order. Or SAP may have a field that stores this variable allready.
On button push, then look up the rates table to find the entry that matches the total weight and postcode, return the rate value.

So I think to do this sort of lifting, you will need to use the SDK to add the buttons to the form. C# would be able to draw the button and have all the calcs run and return a value.
You would also need a UDT table to manage the rates.
Also some sort of upload option to refresh the rates table.
Another options on rates would be if you use an api to grab carrier rates.

Hope this gives you some sort of idea around this

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Eelke Piter Greidanus Jan 31 at 09:34 AM

Thank you Brendan. This sure gives some insight in how to do it. Our end goal is also to make the process automated for a web shop. The choice we have is to have the calculations done by the ERP, or in the web shop. However, for the ERP calculation to work with the web shop, it is required a standard ERP process is used. Yours, unfortunately, is not, and I now doubt whether it is possible in standard SAP.

Thank you nonetheless.

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Brendan Bell Jan 31 at 09:33 PM


What what web front end are you using?
We use magento 2x. Our Website does the shipping calculations, there are plenty of modules that handle this. Basically we download the order and any associated shipping fees into SAP.


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