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Apr 17, 2008 at 03:22 PM

Datetime range


Post Author: sdellava

CA Forum: Formula

Hi all, I've to represent with a chart values on date/time base. In many case some data are missing and this produce two unwanted effect:the line chart whit date axis join the points before and after the missing data. The observer can read a value that do not existIn tabular format, off course, the missing data are not present but I need it !!! I need the date/time reference with a null or zero value, to be able to compare more data series each other. I.e.: suppose to have 2 series of values taken in 10 hour interval, one value per hour for each series. If in the second series 2 value are missing, I've to compare 10 values, whit 8. One can compare value taken in different hours.I've no idea to solve the first issues, because the line chart is the only chart style usable to read more series clearly. For the second issue, I've an idea but not sure it is the best option, and in any case I've no idea how to realize: I suppose that I have to build an array of date/time values that will become the X Axis of the chart and the key to read data from the db, so, all series will be normalized on specific date/time values (from the array).... but I've no Idea how make the report run on an array, dynamically built, instead of the database table.Thanks in advance for any suggestion, Stefano Della Valle