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Jan 30, 2008 at 06:54 PM

Conversion Error Numeric to Date


Post Author: LaVerne

CA Forum: Formula

Good Morning:

I am attempting to convert a database field from a numeric field to date. The current format of the field looks like this:

20,070,221.00 and states that it is numeric.

This is the syntax recommended by our software vendor to convert the field to date format:

stringVar y := Left(ToText({DS_ENCOUNTER.ADMIT_DATE}), 5);

stringVar m := Mid(ToText({DS_ENCOUNTER.ADMIT_DATE}),6, 3);

stringVar d := Right(ToText({DS_ENCOUNTER.ADMIT_DATE}), 5);



DATE (ToNumber (y), ToNumber (m), ToNumber (d))

I checked the formula syntax and it says there isn't an error however when I run the report I get the following error:

"The String is non-numeric"

Thanks for your help!!