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Jan 09, 2008 at 06:25 PM

Disappearing report lines


Post Author: blagdonman

CA Forum: Formula

Please help while I have some hair left!

I have a report which operates on two linked tables named Events and Matches. The report creates lines composed from several fields in Events and one field in Matches, lets call it "Title". It was working fine while every record in Events had a valid link to Matches. Things changed, as they do, and the link between the tables became optional. So now, where no match is expected a zero value occurs in Events where the link to Matches would usually be.

I replaced the required Matches field in the report with a formula that said (in pseudo code): if the link in Events is null or zero valued then return the string "No match exists" else return the value of the Title field from Matches.

Much to my amazement this didn't work - the whole report line was blank, even the fields from Events didn't show up!

If I re-jig the "else" part of the formula to output the string "A match exists." instead of the Title field then I see the whole line.

As soon as I introduce the Title field back into the formula I get blank lines again even though, when the link in Events is zero, I'm not processing that part of the formula that uses the field name! I don't get it! CR seems to look into the formula, see the reference to the field in Events and assume that I'm going to process it.

Advice is welcomed, and necessary, to preserve my sanity.