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Jan 07, 2008 at 10:25 PM

Display only latest record


Post Author: rlivermore

CA Forum: Formula

(CR v10 Pro) How can I display only the lastest record if there are multiple entries for a specific job number (SO number). I have 2 groups {tblSO.SONumber} and {tblSONotes.LastModified}. I tried sorting LastModified by descending order and putting all of the fields into the tblSONotes.LastModified Group and hiding the Details section and Group Footers to no avail. Help?

Below are the fields in my report...

{tblSO.DateOpened} {tblSO.SONumber} {tblSO.Status} {tblSONotes.LastModified} {tblSONotes.Topic} {tblSONotes.Notes}

Sample Data

1/12/08 124113 Scheduled 1/1/08 Dispatch Technician scheduled on 1/15/08.

1/12/08 124113 Scheduled 1/15/08 Dispatch Job has been completed.

In this example I'd only want the last record (1/15/08) to display on the report, suppressing the one on 1/1/08.