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SAPUI5 List report Fiori Elements -> Change next page

Jan 30 at 09:51 AM


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Hi there. Is there an easy way to call a List report (fiori elements) page from a List Report page? Standard behaviour is the object page but I'd like to call a List Report for further selection.

So, to give you an idea:

List report -> List Report -> List Report -> Object page

Masterdetail does not tackle the requirement so we need multiple lists based on a previous key.

I do have to say that working with the floorplan and annotations is really cool!

Looking forward to the suggestions!

Kind regards and thank you


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1 Answer

Pratheek KV
Jan 30 at 10:31 AM

Hello Laurens,

Is there a Parent Child Relation with the first List page and second( and third)?

You could then( if its parent-Child) add a Collection facet which refers to child entity in the Main Entity.

There is no simple configuration Available if it's not a Parent-Child. It certainly can be done by Routing to a Custom(Extended) View. But this would require you to create a new Component.Js.



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Hello Pratheek,

in this case I actually first thought about the datamodel on the ECC side :-) We have a complete good odata set including all relations and associations. to the lowest level including the CRUD implementations.

I'll have a look at the Collection Facet. Still need to get more familiar with these annotations but I'm really impressed how it works!

I'll let you know! I also need to use the custom extended view so lets start experimenting :-)




Hmm, more difficult than I thought. I'll focus on calling the second list first, and if that works, I'll try to pass the parent object as a paramater.