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Dec 11, 2007 at 03:34 PM

Concatenating strings V for visa and M for mastercard, total transactions


Post Author: budha

CA Forum: Formula

Hi I'm new to creating formulas in Crystal Reports:Currently I have a report named Online Settlement Report that lists each online transaction grouped by date and Method status (A for Amex, D for Discover, M for mastercard, and V for visa). The Online Settlement Report has the following columns left to right: Invoice #, CustCode, PO #, Method and transaction amount. I'm attempting to create a formula that will combine the method

strings V for visa and M for mastercard per date. Than I want to total the

transaction amounts column for V and M per date. My ultimate goal is to have subtotals for methods A (seperate), D (seperate), and than V & M (combined) per date. Thank you in advance for your help.